Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Why cant i get no satisfaction?

Today Ive been reading the fabulous book by Golden Globe winner, Kim Cattrall, 'Satisfaction: The art of the female orgasm'. I found it on Flirtyordirty.co.uk when searching for any stuff about the girls from Sex and the City. The old version appears to have a burgandy cover but the newer edition is in white with delicate pink writing. Although written by Kim it is in association with her ex-husband Mark Levinson, and is a guide to a couple finding pleasure together. i must admit the title is somewhat off putting but then you need a definite title in order to glean what the book may be about! Kim has starred in many films and has often played the sex siren, but she was quoted as saying that her experience of sex was not always great. She has written and co-authored three books on this subject now and in all the book is an interesting read with funny anecdotes and serious attempts to discuss technique. Although not entirely about sex it is more about love and relationships. Most reviews are quite good and therefore it is a recommended read for anyone who wants some enlightenment on this matter. Priced at around $11.00 for the paperback.

'Why cant i get no satisfaction?' well according to Kim its all - location, location, location!